5 Ways to Improve Your Soccer Skills in Your Backyard

One major theme we hope to get across here on SoccerTrainingSolutions.com is that in order to get better at soccer, you need to put in work outside of official team practices. Individual training is just as big a part of improving your game, if not more so.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your soccer skills in your backyard, and you won’t need any fancy equipment.

1.) Juggling

Just because you can do cool tricks when you juggle does not mean that you are going to be a great soccer player. What juggling can do, however, is help perfect your touch. You need to be able to feel just as comfortable as you are juggling in the backyard as in a league or championship game. I am not saying that you will actually be juggling the soccer ball in a game, but you will have to be able to control it. If you can juggle with ease in your backyard, then you will be able to control the ball much better in the game.

When juggling, try manipulating the ball in different ways. For example, try juggling the ball without spin, with side-spin, with backspin, and topspin. If you learn how to control the ball when and how you want to, you will be able to manipulate it when you make passes in a game. For example, there are times when you need to make a pass with backspin on it in order to keep the ball in play. You might need to be able to bend the ball around a defender’s leg in order to complete a pass.

Also, try to catch the ball on top of your foot and then start juggling again. Make sure that you are able to catch the ball on top of both feet, not just your dominant one. All of these juggling skills will help you in another very important area in soccer: trapping.

2.) Trapping

After you are tired of juggling, you should work on trapping the ball out of the air. Here is how to do it: kick the soccer ball as high as you can under control.  If you have to make a quick little sprint, that is fine. (This will also help with your fitness.) When the ball is coming down, use the laces (the top of your foot)  to settle the ball to the ground. As you are settling the ball, you do not want it to bounce high off your foot. Also, the ball should not bounce away from you. You should be able to perform a move with your next step; this is really the key because you are keeping the ball close and will be able to play quick.

3.) Dribbling

As simple as it seems, dribbling is a great skill to work on in your backyard. When dribbling, you need to be able to think a couple of plays ahead.  You need to be able to push the ball into a space where you can get the ball and the defender cannot. When dribbling, work on keeping your eyes up and in front of you, rather than staring down at the ball.

Also, if you have a dog and he or she likes to chase a ball, then you can use your dog as a defender. Try moves to get past your dog.

4.) Passing

Here’s an example of a passing drill you can perform in your backyard.

Start by taking a cone or another soccer ball and place it 10 yards away. This will be used to simulate your teammate in a soccer game, since a cone or a soccer ball is not any bigger than the width of a player’s foot.

Every inch counts in this exercise; if your pass is off by just a little bit, then you are not helping out your teammate. You could be putting him or her into a bad situation like a 50/50 challenge.

You can start by passing a moving soccer ball on the ground. The reason you should pass a moving ball is because this is how it will be in a game.  Make sure you are passing with both feet.

After you have hit your target at 10 yards, then move it back 5 yards. Keep moving the target back til about 40 yards. Once you have mastered passing the ball on the ground, pass the ball in the air. I would start at 20 yards away. You want to be able to have the soccer ball hit your target in the air, as this will simulate a perfect pass.

When you are passing the ball in the air, you want to make it as easy as possible for your teammate to trap it. This is where he or she just has to lift a foot slightly off the ground in order to trap and play the ball quickly.

5.) Kicking a Soccer Ball Against a Wall

If you have a wall (perhaps from a garage or shed) in your backyard, you can use it for your soccer training. Make sure it is a brick or concrete wall because you don’t want to put a hole into the surface. Also be sure there to pick a spot where there are no windows close by.

Once you have found a good wall to kick a soccer ball against, you can begin working on your skills. Kick the ball against the wall with the instep of your foot (alternating feet) allowing the ball to bounce only once. Start out by standing about 2 feet away from the wall.  As you get better move back about a foot. Try to get in 100 one-bounce kicks off the wall. Once you have mastered the instep, move onto striking the ball with your laces using both feet against the wall allowing only one bound before striking it back into the wall. You will be able to perform this skill work on grass. One-bounces were created by Brian Jaworski, the Grinnell College Head Men’s Soccer Coach.

For more detailed training plans including these and many other types of drills, check out our individual soccer training system.

Do you have any other soccer training exercises you like to perform in your backyard? If so, let us know in the comments!

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  1. Childrens Soccer says:

    Lots of good information in your posting, I would like to tweet your blog post so I can visit again in the near future.

    • Thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed.

      • Ngaka says:

        it really helped me..I like soccer a lot ..and I’m good at soccer but because of the country I’m living in I see no way forward..how can you help ..I want to be as famous as cristiano Ronaldo and messi..I’m a central midfielder

        • edilson says:

          it does not matter where u live as long as u have skill and u show it;)

    • trish says:

      Ok but make sure that you keep up with your fitness.

  2. Soccer says:

    So helpful! I want to be pro!

  3. Avery says:

    Hi i play select soccer and I really want to move up a team but my technical skill isn’t very good and I’m a defender I would like to improve my throw ins.

    • Hey Avery,

      If you want to keep possession on throw ins, then you need to throw the ball to your teammates feet. This can be difficult because most likely your teammate will be running toward you. Look for a more detailed post on this coming soon.

    • Om says:

      My problem is as same as Avery
      I go to a local football club in my city there because of lacking skills I m always forced to play back and when I play as forward I m not able to score (sometimes I m but not always and my left is very weak I always play with right foot
      And my ball control is a bit low
      Help me Parker plz help me

      • Parker Koester says:

        Playing the back is not a bad thing. You can be a great player and play in the back. You often get a little more time in the back and you can see the whole field. Work on passing and receiving with the inside of your foot. You can pass the ball off a wall to help receive the ball.

        As for scoring goals, it is a mentality. You have to think and believe that the ball is always coming to you so you are ready to score. Also you don’t have to blast shots into the net. You can take some speed off for better accuracy. Finally, be ready to attack the ball with your head to score goals. Diving headers are great.

  4. Natalia says:

    I use this website to help me now I am the lead goal scorer for my college two years now.

  5. I want be a good center half player for that what I want to do? Can U plz help me.

    • Center half players need to be very skilled in passing, tackling, and heading, so those are good things to work on first. Additionally, they need to be fit. Check out our posts in the Game Tips and Fitness & Strength categories for more.

  6. jeff says:

    i want to impress my team but im very slow. im on the B team and are trying to find ways to become a defender because they are not very fast do u no any tips

  7. talal says:

    it is very easy to improve foot ball skills

  8. Ellie says:

    I want to impress my team, be good enough to become a mid-fielder and become a better soccer player. Can you please help me?

    • Hey Ellie,

      You can impress your teammates by simply playing good soccer and not giving the ball away. Being a good teammate is a great way to become popular on your team. It doesn’t always have to be big flashy moves or scoring the most goals. Improving your technical ability will help, so check out our posts in the individual training tips category. Also, better fitness always improves your touch.

  9. Adoks says:

    i am a definder but don’t have skills and strong confidence

  10. jaydon says:

    I want a more accurate and more powerful kick

    • Hey Jaydon,

      Always landing on your shooting foot will help you strike a ball better for a shot. IF you lean back (which many players do, even some pros!) you get less power and often send the ball harmlessly over the goal. If you are playing a long pass, on the other hand, you want to shorten up your stroke and have little to no follow-through. Practice driving the ball with your laces and let us know how its going.

  11. opare says:

    i want to develop my miffield play with a good technique accurate short and long passes

    • Hey Opare,
      Make sure your plant foot is aimed at your target. This will help your accuracy.

  12. Callum says:

    I play right midfield where I am fast on the ball have decent passing but feeling as though I’m not doing well and can improve… Which drills can I do to improve my midfield ability?

    • Hey Callum,
      As an outside midfielder, you will need to be able to get behind the defense getting to the end line and passing the ball back to an on rushing team at six yard box or a little further back. Practice turning your foot over and cutting the ball back with you laces. Make sure you practice both your left and right foot.

  13. youth soccer workout says:

    If you coach older players then adding in some set pieces during low
    intensity training sessions is a realloy good idea iff you want to work on the tactical components of
    the game. The combination of the two will pay dividends you can only hope for
    at present but from one who has coached soccer athletes at
    every level, on the pitch andd in the gym, you have to reemember that one question: “What makes me special. And for children who are new to the sport, it is not surprising that they swarm around the ball trying to get a kick at it. A good coach demonstrates his knowledge of and commitment to physical health and safety.

    • I would agree health and safety are important at all levels. Additionally, it is good to coach dribbling at a very young age. Kids can alway become better dribbles.

  14. kevin says:

    than you so much pleas keep it up

  15. kevin says:

    i play for u 13 does skils makes u slow

  16. elyes essanaa says:

    thank you i really want to be a pro soccer player i will do anything to make my dream come true. i will do us much as it takes

  17. elyes essanaa says:

    i meant as much

  18. tia says:

    I started playing hs soccer last year and I’ve never played club soccer. Right now I am recovering from an acl tear from this season. I know I started really late but I want to make it onto varsity or jv next season and I have poor ball control am not good at 1v1, are there any exercises individually or with a small group of friends I can do that improve these two together?

    • Hey Tia,
      Dribbling a soccer ball around all the time will help your ball control. You should not only outside but also inside your house if your allowed.

  19. elyes essanaa says:

    Do u think i can be a proffesional??

    • Hey Elyes Essanaa,
      I have never seen you play but becoming a professional means a lot of work. Also there are different levels of professionals. Make sure you set short term and long term goals to complete your goal. I have one question of you. What are you doing each day to accomplish your goal?

  20. Arpan says:

    Hello, i do hv gr8 passing skills n also hv sme flashy skills in my feet, yet i get myself trapped whenever i try 2 show dem during d play n gt tackled cz i m a bit slow…i wnt 2 b a good central midfielder n how should i train fr it?..what traits are being needed for being a good CM?…hw how to enhance my peripheral vision while playing in d midfield?

    • Hey Arpan,
      You should check out our blog post http://www.soccertrainingsolutions.com/01/27/how-to-beat-defenders-off-the-dribble/

      As a central midfielder, you are like the quarterback. You need to know where everyone on your team needs to be. so you need to be thinking two, three, or even four plays ahead. Taking your eye off the ball to look around about every 8 seconds will help you know where your teammates are on the field and get you thinking a few plays ahead. Additionally, you can improve your vision by improving you touch. When you comfortable on the ball and with your touch, you will and should find yourself picking your head up more.

  21. Arpan says:

    Also…how to enhance my basics regualrly in my backyard…i mean…how to increase my basic moves like dribbling?

  22. Omar Omar says:

    Hey how do I become a better striker

    • robben says:


    • As a striker, your job is to score goals and create chances for your team. First, scoring goals is mental. You need to have confidence yourself that you can score goals. You should practice shooting shots along the 18 yard box and have a cone placed one yard inside the goal post. You should try to place the ball with pace between the cone and the goal post. Second, check out the blog post below for helping your team be more dangerous by being able to beat your defender one vs one.

  23. soph says:

    can u please give me simple activities to do for fitness and to improve for during the holidays when i am not on the pitch. And not to hard just ones that can help me because i am only (11)

  24. robben says:

    well i am a forward player and i play with 10 and 9 class players but i want to improve my shoot

    • Hey Robben,
      If you land on your shooting foot, then you will get more pop on the ball. Also you should practice shooting shots along the 18 yard box and have a cone placed one yard inside the goal post. You should try to place the ball with pace between the cone and the goal post.

  25. Paul says:

    Thank you,But I feel wick if my team mate complains about me which,makes me play rubbish hw can I control it?

    • Hey Paul,
      I hope your teammate is giving you positive constructive feedback, and if your teammate is not giving positive constructive feedback, then you should talk to your teammate about it. Also when you are on the soccer pitch, you can’t take everything personally. Remember, you have a better chance at winning the game when everyone on the team is sticking together through tough times during the match.

  26. abdul says:

    hi, i usually play as a defendet but i want to move to to the DM role is it possible?? if yes what are the skills i need

    • Pablo says:

      Being a DM is going to require great fitness and conditioning, also, your first touch and passes need to be very sharp. Additionally, game awareness is extremely important when playing, knowing what’s going on around you and being one step ahead of the opponent will help tremendously. One way to improve that is to simply watch more soccer and focus on some great DM’s to see what they do. Hope this helps!

  27. Same i usually play as a defender but i want to move to midfielder

  28. Jacob says:

    I’m really good at soccer but I haven’t gone for a team yet. But here’s the thing I’m nervous that I might mess up on some basic things are something like that.

    • Hey Jacob,
      Go play with confidence, work hard, and have fun. If you are the hardest working player on the field and at tryouts, then it will not go unnoticed.

  29. elvis says:

    hi im from india and my position is right wing so pls give me some tips…

  30. Tiger says:

    hi i m from india… i m good in power shot nd takling… a little bit in dribbling too.. . but i cant find a good position for me.. can u plzz help me

    • Hey Tiger,
      Your coach is supposed to find the best position for you. You just need to keep working on your skills. Think about what your weaknesses are and work on those.

  31. Alicia says:

    J just started playing soccer last week, so im a beginner. we are going to have a scrimmage next week and im not prepared. i dont want to embarrass myslef. Any advice?

    • Hey Alicia,
      Make sure you try your hardest and have fun. No one will fault you for giving your best effort and working has hard as you possibly can.

  32. Dan says:

    Hi I really just switched position from attacker to CB, I want to know how to make my defense position better

    • Hey Dan,
      This type of switch happens a lot. Make sure you are talking with your other defenders. When a defender next to you steps up to pressure the ball, you need to make sure you drop in to cover. When you drop in to cover, make sure you are close enough that you can help if your teammate gets beat. Additionally, you need to be close enough so that you cannot get split with a pass.

  33. Sam DeNardo says:

    Hey I’m 15 years old and want to go pro like most I was wondering your background?And greate arrival thing up above my coaches say the same things .

  34. Pablo says:

    I need to work on my first time finishing, but it’s not something I ever do in practice and I don’t have a partner to send me passes/work with at home. What would you suggest? Great article by the way’

    • Hey Pablo,
      Number 5.) Kicking a Soccer Ball Against a Wall will help with your first time finishing. Additionally, you need to keep your knee and chest over the soccer ball to make sure you don’t sky the soccer ball over the goal. Finally, if the ball is in the air and you are trying to finish one time, then you need to try to get over the top of the soccer ball and drive it into the ground.

  35. Zahk says:

    Im indoor player how could i improve my shooting ?

  36. Hey Zahk,
    For practicing shooting, place a cone one yard inside the goal post. You should try to strike the ball with pace between the cone and the goal post.

  37. I want to be a good left winger and want a good ball control . How can i do this and i also want to improve my skills

    • Parker Koester says:

      Hey Hari Arya,
      Improving your touch in this sense includes exercises like juggling and ball gymnastics: not necessarily things you will do frequently during soccer games, but vital skills for those unpredictable moments when you need to control an awkward ball, play a ball to yourself out of the air to avoid a defender, or deftly flick it to a teammate using just the right weight and spin.

      Make sure you work on developing both feet. It is important be a balanced player.

  38. Can't tell says:

    Ok so I’m a defender and I recently had try outs and did not get on the first team because the coach thought my technical skills were not good enough. Anyone know the fastest way to improving them?

    • The fast way to improve your technical skills is to dribble a soccer ball all the time. Dribble it everywhere you go.

  39. kenny says:

    i need chance to come for trials at yo team im from zim im an attacking midfielder

  40. Hailey says:

    Hey! I’m Hailey and I’m a defender and I have been playing since I was 5. I know I good at my position but, I’m going to be trying out for high school soccer soon and I have no idea what to expect.. do I need to get to know the other positions too? If so that’s the problem, I’m not that good at dribbling and I don’t really know how to get better I practice dribbling but I don’t see a difference. Can you help?

    • Hey Hailey,
      Knowing other positions always help your chances at making the team. Additionally, coaches may think that you are better at other positions so you need to be adaptable and coachable.

      There are many different dribbling moves to try, and one important thing to understand is that players often harm their own progress by trying to go too fast.

      Instead, start at a slower pace and focus on performing each move with perfect technique. Then gradually increase your speed as you improve.

      There are two good methods to practice your dribbling skills. First, practice dribbling around a square roughly 20 x 20 yards (you can mark off the distance using cones) performing moves of your choice.

      Start by doing a move 10 times dribbling slowly and then 10 times at a faster pace. Try a couple of different moves each day you work on dribbling.

      The other method is to practice dribbling at a cone or other object, which acts like a defender for you to beat. As above, perform your move 10 times slowly and then 10 times at a faster pace. You should complete the move about a yard away from the cone.

  41. Mike says:

    I’m simply a fast, skinny kid who gets a lot of touches in games by being fast and aggressive. However, I do not have a powerful leg or good dribbling skills, which prevents me from doing my best at my favorite position- midfield. Do you have any tips on ways to get my leg stronger and get my dribbling skills to a high level so I can succeed in my league? Also, what dribble moves should I use?

    • Daniel says:

      you can do bodyweight leg excercises for example:
      Wall sits
      Split squats
      try doing 2-3 sets of 12 reps. look up these exercises, they will quickly strengthen your legs if you stay at it, i was once like you.
      To make the exercises into plyometrics just add a jump:
      Squat position into a jump
      Forward lunge into a jump
      these will help improve explosiveness which will be great for you in a game
      hope this helps!

      • Hey Daniel,
        Nice post. I agree. Plyometrcis will help you be explosive when you dribble as well. Explosiveness with help with change of pace and change of direction. These are the two most important aspects of dribbling. Any move will work if you have a great change of pace and change of direction.

  42. Jake says:

    Hey I just finished my first state game! I didn’t play quite well due to myself panicking on the ball. Please tell me how to not panic please.

    • Hey Jake,
      It could be just nerves playing in a big game, but confidence will help your nerves and panicking. I was once told that completing your first pass will help settle you into a match. I hope this helps.

  43. Wade says:

    I would like to have a better left foot pass and shot how do I get better at it.

    • Hey Wade,
      You need to force yourself to use your left foot. It just takes a lot of quality repetitions. Practice. Practice. Practice using your left foot.

  44. joseph mikho says:

    Hey i am mainly a center back but my coach moves me to left back or right back and strick sometimes on the flanks. My coach is very straight forward with the players he said i have quality agression but dont have the skill/abilty in some areas i want to improve on my creativity how to read the game,passes, being aware my shots and my speed plz help

    • Hey Joseph Mikho,
      Watching soccer matching will help. Also you need to have a plan of what to do with the ball before it gets to you. The furthest, longest, safest pass is a good option.

  45. Savannah says:

    I have been playing soccer since I was five. I have always been a defender on my club and premier team, I recently quit my premier (13).. I now realize that was the wrong decision as to get on varsity in HS you have to be really good (and usually people who are good play premier, at least in my school). I don’t want to fall behind since almost all the good players on my team play premier..as our school is REALLY COMPETITIVE…should I try to join up again? Or practice 24-7?

    Please help I don’t really now what to do..

    • Hey Savannah,
      This is a tough call, but you have to do what makes you happy, and you have to be having fun. If you are not having fun on the premier team, then you may want to find another team. Additionally, even if you are playing on a team, you are still going to need to practice outside of your organized team’s practice. So if you don’t join a team, then you are going to need to put in a lot of work practicing your skills.

  46. Anis Chity says:

    Nice and very informative article, all the points and tips mentioned above are very useful,every player that wants to be great in the game should read this article, I am a right winger, I play with my right foot, I’m confused wether to play in the right wing or left, my problem is that in the left wing I can shoot comfortbaly but can’t cross well since I have to use my weak foot, whereas in the right wing I can cross but can’t shoot, what would you suggest me to do?
    Thanks in advance waiting for your response! 🙂

    • Hey Anis Chity,
      My advise is work on your left foot to be a complete player. Force yourself to use it. Try to do twice as much work with it than your right foot. Start dribbling around with just your left foot. Also try juggling with just your left foot to get comfortable using it.

  47. Jason peralta says:

    Hey im a left striker and im not very good at dribbling i have the speed and shooting and pass but i cant get the dribbling right just wondered if you can help me

    • ahnaf xawad says:

      Just practice with cones and watch tutorial from YouTube

      • Hey Jason Peralta,
        Cone dribbling is good, but the two most important aspects of dribbling is to have a change of pace and change of direction. You can beat anyone with any move as long as you have a change of pace and change of direction. Also you don’t need a lot of moves. You need to perfect a couple of moves individually and then work on pairing two moves together.

  48. Kyle says:

    HI…I’m a a left winger/Center attacking mid but I seem to have a problem with my dribbling ability even though I am fast and observent.So plz can u help me out here

  49. hi,my name is ryan and i want to perfect my football skills and i want to be spornserd.please can you help?

    • Hey Ryan,
      I am not sure what skills you want to work on, but you should check out our Individual Skills section on our website.

  50. Abdullah Khan says:

    These drills helped me alot especially when i am training alonr, but my biggest problem is that i am not very confident over the ball and whenever i receive a pass i feel very anxious and nervous and i try to pass the ball away. I definitely want some tips on this one as i play as a defender and i really want to improve my game and build my confidence.
    *sorry for the vocabulary and grammar* as I’m an Asian from Pakistan.

    • Hey Abdullah Khan,
      Keep practicing. Also to get comfortable at the beginning of a match, you should play simple to complete your first pass. This will give you confidence to built upon. As a defender, you don’t want to get caught with the ball. Play simple and have a plan before you get the ball. Additionally, sometimes the best play as a defender is to just clear the ball to allow your team to get organized defensively.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Hey. I am a defender/midfielder and I am playing on a team this winter that is considerably lower level than what I am used to playing, but I want to keep improving despite the drop in play. I feel like I have stagnated somewhat or regressed in all of my technical skills. What do I do?

    • Hey,
      You can’t play down to the level of your competition. You should try to make sure you are the best play on the field every time you play. Additionally, this can to the time where you work on your leadership skills. A great player will make his teammates better. Stay positive and work hard.

  52. Sophia says:

    Hey, I just became a provincial keeper for year up. I was wondering If there are any tips to help with kicking the ball really far and playing good passes, thanks!

    • Hey Sophia,
      First you need to make sure you strike the ball properly. Picture the ball with a face. You need to strike through the ball in the mouth. Make sure you drive your laces through the mouth of the ball. Second, strengthening your legs will help kick the ball further. As for passing the ball, you want to keep your toes up and show your heel when you strike the ball.

  53. Daniel says:

    Thanks for this great information. Last summer I was playing for a team but I could never reach my goals there because the team wasn’t serious enough. Whilst I was getting frustrated and looking for a trial for another team i got a trial for a good team coached by a Chelsea FC academy coach. In the first session I noticed that they were technically really good, and I needed to improve to match them and stand out. I added some of your tips from the blogs to my training routine and so far I have scored 9 goals and got 4 assists. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me get closer to my end goal.

    • Hey Daniel,
      That is awesome to hear. Keep up the good work. Keep working hard and having fun.

  54. Brandon says:

    So! I’m a average player for a High school varsity team, but i wast as motivated to play soccer everyday as i used to! i really want to be as good as i was but how? can you help me with my mental preparation for the game again???

    • Parker Koester says:

      Hey Brandon,
      It sounds like you have the skill, so you need to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, then you will not get to where you want to go. Think positive and stay with it. Soccer players don’t magically get better after one practice; it takes time. Go to bed dreaming and thinking about plays you make in a game. This will help you be prepared.

      • Brandon says:

        thank you so much very helpful!!!!!

  55. Alex J says:

    Hi I play indoor soccer with my JV coach in the mornings and would like to get more attention. Anything I can do to show my skill in such a small area?

    • Parker Koester says:

      Hey Alex J,
      Indoor is a tight space, so by having a good touch and not giving the ball away will be good. On the other hand, you also need to be able to take your defender one vs one and beat him. You need to take your defender on at the right time. A general rule is to take your defender on in the attacking third of the field. Work on your one vs one moves. You really only need to two moves. One move that you have perfected and then a counter move to the move you perfected.

  56. Izaiha Quiroz - WellaBird says:

    helpful to get to a different level than others!

  57. justice says:

    Please I can play but lacks confidence because I believe I will always be laughed at each time I make a mistake. Having that mentality I usually don’t play well. How can I improve my confidence?

  58. Thanks,it really helped me a lot. my controls and dribbling have improved under two weeks but Wat is discourages me now is De fact dat my country finds it difficult to sponsor less privileged players. Am an attacker,I will be glad if I can get any suggestions from anyone. Thanks

  59. Hi, playing soccer is my hobby, and it is also one of my favorite game.
    i really enjoy every bit of soccer but one of my problems is that i would really appreciate being trained by a NSL trainer or part take in a real soccer tournament around the world. just that this is one of my goals as a student to aim and full fill it..
    Thank you.

  60. Adeleke Ridwan says:

    HELLO!… I am using right foot ,am a striker and attacking midfielder and i discover that when i use my left foot to play shoot it will more powerful than when i use my strong foot which is right to wire shoot. And i don’t like it .. And i also discover that my LEFT LEG is shortly taller than my RIGHT LEG

    please what can i do i want my right foot to generate more shoot power than my left foot

  61. Hello…i am an offensive and defensive midfielder,i am also a winger with well built body and a very good hight, but i have a small problem,my thinking ability is very slow which makes opponents to just gather around me as a result i become frustrated and loose the ball.can you please help me on this issue.

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