A Trick to Scoring Goals

Goals in soccer are cherished because they come so far and few between. In fact, the most common final scores in soccer are 1-0, 1-1, and 0-0. Scoring goals is tough and everyone wants to be the hero who scores the game winning goal, but knowing just one simple fact will help you score more goals.

The fact is that over 90% of all goals are scored from inside the 18-yard box.

This fact leads to two important points. One, you need to be fit enough to get into the penalty box, and two, you need to practice shooting and scoring from inside and around the penalty box.

First, we know soccer players need to be fit, and fitness helps with a player’s touch and communication. Additionally, fitness helps with scoring goals. How? By getting yourself into the correct scoring position, which means making runs inside your defender. You will need to be in an all out sprint to beat your defender to the ball allowing you a chance to score your goal.

Most goals are scored by strikers and wingers compared to midfielders and defenders. So if you are midfielder or a defender, you need to be fit to get up the field into the penalty box to make a run inside your defender to score a goal. Of course, you also need to get back to defend your penalty box by not letting a forward make a run inside of you. If you are a forward or winger, you need to be fit in order to continue making runs inside of your defender. Goal scorers have determination, grit, and make a concentrated effort to get into the right position, making runs inside your defender. When you scrimmage, make the effort every time to make runs inside your defender. This concentrated effort will help with your fitness.

Also practice shooting and scoring goals inside and around the penalty box. Practice scoring goals with the instep or laces, inside of the foot and your head because these are the surfaces used to score the most goals.

When practicing, always hit a moving ball. There are a couple of good ways practice shooting. One is to shoot inside the penalty box but outside the six yard box. Another is to have the ball move parallel to the penalty box.

When inside the penalty box but outside the six yard box, your first touch needs to be towards the near post and your shot needs to be to the far post. This way if you shot doesn’t go in, then your teammate has a chance to tap it in.

When having the ball move parallel to the penalty box, practice curling the ball to the far post and hitting an instep shot to the near post. If you get your hips all the way around, then you may get the ball to start outside the near post and come back to slide right inside the post.

Want to score goals? If you’re like most players and say “yes,” you need to get into penalty box making runs inside your defender being prepared to score with your instep, inside of your foot, or your head.


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