Get the Most Out of Practices to Become a Better Player

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Soccer practices can be lackluster and inefficient. Sometimes your coach’s practice plans or drills do not turn out the way they are supposed to, even though they are all made with good intentions. But on the other hand, a practice plan or drill might be absolutely perfect but if the players don’t go out and perform at a high level, it won’t do any good.

Whether the practice plan or drill is the greatest or worst in the world, you still must try to get the most out of each practice because you should want to get better, and that takes a daily commitment.

The following are some simple guidelines that take mental fortitude and toughness to perform day in and day out to get the best out of practices and to become a better player:

1. You must never let a day go by, meaning you never know when your last day of playing might be.

2. You must always try to improve.

3. You must try to outwork everyone.

4. You never know who is watching so you should always want to play your best whether it is in practice or a game.


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  1. Rick Rock says:

    Simple and inspirational points made. Play like a champion in both training and matches!! These are the players that receive the captain’s armband. Perhaps that could be a blog post…

  2. I like your two suggestions to always seek improvement and to outwork everyone else when it comes to soccer practice. Our son is really into the game and we want to give him the best opportunity for him to become as good as he wants. Having a goal to practice shooting would be really nice, luckily he has one at his school. Thanks for the tips!

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