A Simple Rule for Better Soccer

There is a simple rule in soccer that can help your team either start an attack or shore up a possible risky play. The rule that must be followed is relatively simple.

When two players on the same team are going at the ball from opposite directions, the player going forward always has the right of way for the ball. This play still requires communication by the player going forward to call for the ball.

How can this rule start an attack?

With the player going forward having the right of way for the ball, he or she can see the field in front of them. Additionally, this player can make a forward pass to start a possible counter attack or just keep possession to start an attack.

If you are close to goal and within shooting range, the player going forward can get a shot off.

How can this rule shore up a possibly risky play?

In your defensive half, it is not a good idea to dribble backwards. The attacking player could take it off the defender’s foot; the defender could make a bad pass back.

In addition, everyone has seen the play where two defenders both look at the ball and then at each other expecting the other player to get the ball while an offensive player gets there first due to this hesitation.

The risky play could all be solved by having the player going forward having the right of way for the ball.


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