Where is the Best Place to Shoot the Soccer Ball?

Scoring goals is the most important objective for forwards. Although it may seem simple enough, it actually requires a combination of skills including shooting with proper form, being in sync with your teammates, and taking up correct positions so that you maximize your opportunities. But when it comes time to shoot the ball, is there a particular area of the goal that can be considered the "sweet spot"? What are the best places for soccer … [Read More...]

How Important Is It to Have Expensive Soccer Cleats?

These days, shoes are getting more and more expensive. Each brand is constantly trying to out-do each other with exciting new styles and designs. Soccer cleats tend to be one of the more expensive sports shoes to buy, with top of the line cleats at around $200 or higher. … [Read More...]

Best Soccer Books for Learning Tactics and Advanced Strategy

By Andrew Walsh The Mixer by Michael Cox With the Premier League high atop the popularity charts for professional soccer leagues both in the US and worldwide, this is a great book for … [Read More...]

Attacking on the Wing with Crossing, Dribbling and Overlapping

When you watch soccer, look for how and where teams attack because understanding this can make you a better player. Soccer teams attack based on one of the sport's most basic principles: spreading … [Read More...]

What Soccer Teams Do I Support? From Off and On Euro Fan to MLS

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What Are the Best Core Exercises for Soccer Players?

In the game of soccer, it's important to have a strong core, not just strong abs. Some might think these terms mean roughly the same thing, but the core includes more muscles than just your abs. These … [Read More...]

What Would Happen if the Offside Rule Was Abolished?

American sports fans sometimes suggest that soccer should do away with the offside rule. The thought is usually that this change would lead to more scoring, and therefore more entertaining … [Read More...]