How to Defend a Forward or Midfielder With Their Back to Their Own Goal

Forwards checking back to the soccer ball are often accompanied by a tight marking defender. Midfielders also take on this defensive role against opposing midfielders or forwards checking back. Here, the defender’s main goal is to keep the soccer ball in front of them and not get turned. If the offensive player plays the ball backwards, you have done a good job. After the ball is played back, you need to drop quickly to get into a … [Read More...]

How to Perform a Proper Take-Over in Soccer

A take-over is a simple run that is very effective. Performing a take-over correctly can get you out of tight spaces on the field and can possibly give you an open shot. When to Perform a Take-Over There are two key situations in a soccer when it's beneficial to perform a … [Read More...]

1v1 Soccer Defending: Key Principles of Individual Defense

In soccer, defending is a team concept. When you're defending, your entire team, not just the defenders, is working together by communicating and staying compact in order to protect the goal. If … [Read More...]

The Importance of Receiving the Ball Across Your Body

Soccer coaches often encourage their players receive the ball across their body. Some even demand it. When I was younger, for one, my coach Brian Jaworski told me that if I watched the English Premier … [Read More...]

Getting Separation on Corner Kicks

Corner kicks are extremely important in the game of soccer. In European club leagues, there are about 5-5.5 corners taken per team per game, and in your 0wn games there may be significantly more. … [Read More...]

Best Ways to Stay in Soccer Shape Over the Summer

Summer is a time to relax and have fun, but also get into shape. For many players, your club soccer is just about to end and you will have a couple of months of free time before your high school … [Read More...]

Doing the Little Things in Soccer

In sports you may have heard coaches saying that a particular player “does all the little things correctly.” It’s a nice sounding phrase, but not very specific. What, exactly, are these little things … [Read More...]