Soccer Workout Challenge: Push-Ups, Abs and Bodyweight Squats Circuit

Working on your fitness is crucial to becoming a complete soccer player. But soccer fitness does not just mean pounding the pavement putting in mile after mile of running. You need also need to work muscles including your core, shoulders and legs. Push-ups are a great workout. Not only do they work your chest, shoulders and triceps, but you need to engage your core, quads and glutes to keep your body straight as you lower your chest to touch … [Read More...]

What Are the Best Indoor Soccer Shoes?

Many soccer shoes are versatile and can be used in many conditions, but there's one major distinction: outdoor and indoor. As a very basic definition, outdoor shoes have cleats while indoor shoes, also called flats, do not. But it gets a bit more complicated than that … [Read More...]

How to Correctly Buy Your Soccer Cleats: A Half Size Too Small

It’s starting to get colder outside and the holiday season is right around the corner. Soccer cleats are always a great gift idea, but as with any shoe you want to make sure you choose the appropriate … [Read More...]

Tired of the Treadmill? Try This Instead

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and winter is approaching. For soccer players looking to stay fit, those cold winter months can be a challenge. Running indoor on a treadmill is a … [Read More...]

The Best Sports Drink You Aren’t Drinking

Athletes need to replenish their fluids after practices and matches. Water is always a great way to hydrate, but it can be boring and isn't very flavorful. Most athletes turn to a sports drink like … [Read More...]

Can Yoga Make You a Better Soccer Player?

Soccer players need to be fit to be successful, and that requires more than simply jogging around the neighborhood. You probably wouldn't be surprised to see top soccer players lifting weights, but … [Read More...]

Why Practicing Juggling Will Make You a Better Soccer Player

Juggling the soccer ball is a good way to kill a few free minutes or challenge your friend to a quick competition. But since you don't juggle in a game, can it really make you a significantly … [Read More...]

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