How to Beat Defenders off the Dribble

Just about every player wants to know the secret to dribbling past opponents, and this article will shed some light on it. Two questions typically get asked. First, what is the best move to use when dribbling? And second, how do you beat someone 1 vs. 1? What is the best move to use? You can debate the merits of various 1v1 moves endlessly. There are step-overs, cuts, drags, stop-and-gos, 360s, and much more: in short, plenty of options. … [Read More...]

Playing on Top of the Ball: Best Exercises Using the Sole

The best soccer players can play on top of the ball. This means that they are using the sole of their feet to manipulate the soccer ball. In order to play on top of the soccer ball, you must keep it under your control and within your reach. Being able to do these two … [Read More...]

Why Practicing Juggling Will Make You a Better Soccer Player

Juggling the soccer ball is a good way to kill a few free minutes or challenge your friend to a quick competition. But since you don't juggle in a game, can it really make you a significantly … [Read More...]

How to Defend a Forward or Midfielder With Their Back to Their Own Goal

Forwards checking back to the soccer ball are often accompanied by a tight marking defender. Midfielders also take on this defensive role against opposing midfielders or forwards checking … [Read More...]

How to Perform a Proper Take-Over in Soccer

A take-over is a simple run that is very effective. Performing a take-over correctly can get you out of tight spaces on the field and can possibly give you an open shot. When to Perform a … [Read More...]

Get the Most Out of Practices to Become a Better Player

Soccer practices can be lackluster and inefficient. Sometimes your coach's practice plans or drills do not turn out the way they are supposed to, even though they are all made with good intentions. … [Read More...]

A Simple Rule for Better Soccer

There is a simple rule in soccer that can help your team either start an attack or shore up a possible risky play. The rule that must be followed is relatively simple. When two players on the same … [Read More...]